Up Close and Personal – An Archery Bear Hunt this Week on Sportsman Channel -Joey Menegatti

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There he was, only 16 yards away, standing nearly four feet tall on all fours, I came face to face with an opportunity to kill a bear of a lifetime. I’m Joey Menegatti with Muzzy Bad To The Bone Bowhunting TV and this is my story of my most memorable black bear hunt ever.

It’s May and I’m headed, once again, to Alberta for a black bear hunt and I can’t wait. The first morning, my guide at Trophy Book Outfitters and I decided to look at the trail cameras to get an idea for what was in the area. Man oh man did we find a stud on the trail camera! The rut was just starting and that’s when the big boys come out! (This bear on the screen was a big boy, no doubt.) All of a sudden, just as we were standing there reviewing the pictures, I looked up just in time to see a sow with a big bore following close behind. I instantly got into my hunt mode! I quickly grabbed my bow (oh yeah, and I couldn’t leave my camera man behind) and through the woods we went. Unfortunately, that first evening of hunting I didn’t get one, but I had the opportunity to see a lot of bears, which was really exciting.

This trophy bear was approximately 600 pounds and measured
8ft from back foot to tip of nose.
Since there were a couple of big bears in the area, I decided to hunt this spot again the next few days. I was hoping to get a shot at that big boar I saw on the trail cam. After chasing several bears and being unsuccessful, I changed my game plan and set up shop on the ground near some big bear trails.

Amazingly enough, four and a half hours later out of nowhere, the huge black bear is back! I couldn’t believe my luck. As he closes the distance my heart is racing and feels as if it is about to jump out of my chest. Finally, at 16 yards away, face-to-face with this bear, I found that he is even bigger than I had initially realized! He was standing almost four feet tall at the shoulder on all fours. It was extremely hard to keep my composure, but I pulled myself together and made an absolutely perfect shot on a monstrous black bear. I was so relieved, yet thrilled. I had just shot a bear of a lifetime, making this my most memorable black bear hunt ever!

This remote camp provides a true wilderness experience located in prime black bear habitat. Much of this area has never been hunted before. If you would like to hunt in a virgin area over new baits, this may be the hunt for you. It is anticipated that this hunt will fill up fast since we have limited numbers. We encourage you to act quickly.