Moose Fly-In Hunting Camp

Your adventure starts with a 1/2 hour float plane flight ( that is included in the cost). On your flight in you will be flying over the area you will be hunting in. It will give a chance to look over the terrain and area. Our hunting area has no hunting pressure from other hunters. We are the only camp in the area. With lots of lakes in the hunting area one way we hunt in with boats. A very exciting way to hunt when the bulls are called in to the shore. Our main hunting method is on the numerous cut lines that are everywhere in the area. This is not physically demanding as the Terrain is very flat with little to no hills. Come and experience a fly in hunt with us. It’s a adventure from start to finish.

Baiting Setup
The best way to look over a good trophy bear is at close range. Baits are set up for shots at 10-20 yards. All of our baits are strategically placed to attract a large number of bears and of course very large bears. Baits are spread over about 50 miles, ensuring we attract many bears to each site and they are not over harvested. Recently we expanded into an adjacent area that has not been baited before. All of our other baits are well established and have multiple black bears on them. We bait very aggressively at all of the bait sites often with several 55 gallon drums at each site. We provide a great variety of fresh food and their natural foods like beavers and fish.

We have a limited number of black bear hunts and all hunts are sold on first come basis. We cannot hold a hunt without a deposit.

Excellent home cooked meals are provided. Washing and shower facilities are also available. The camp is powered by a generator which is valued for recharging those video camera batteries. We like to keep our camp small and personalized to provide you with the attention and service you need to have a truly great hunting experience. A mobile phone is available in camp should any emergencies arrive. You may bring your cell phone as most of them work in our area. Our camps can easily accommodate family members who are also welcome to sit at the bait sites during the hunt or check the baits, etc.